You have a floor restoring project and you don’t know where to start? You are wondering how you should clean your floor and how to use Finitec products ? Don’t panic, we’ll explain everything through our videos.

We share with you our best tips for an efficient product application and a perfect finish. You can also watch the various projects we’ve achieved in order to get a better idea on all the ways you can use our products. Watch our videos to discover all our secrets!

Discover the Wilfrid-Pelletier School project : the restoration of the gym floor! The expertise and the skills of the Finitec team and our high quality products allowed us to achieve this great project.

You are wondering how to apply your wooden floor finish with a roller? Take a look at our tutorial! We’ll tell you everything about the tools you need as well as all the steps that you will have to take for a successful application and lasting results.

How to varnish your wooden floor? All the answers are in this video. If you’ve decided to apply your floor finish yourself, here is a fast and easy guide guide, in which we give you the best advice to apply our products using the Finitec sanding machine.

Give a second life to your floor with Wood Floor Recoater. We give you the best advice for a successful application and a beautiful floor.

You would like to restore the shine of your floor using Finitec cleaning products? Watch our guide to know how to use our products. You will see how their use is fast and easy and you’ll make your floor look new again.

You are wondering how to prepare your floor to make sure the Finitec products will adhere properly? Through this video, we show you how to apply the Finitec surface preparation step by step. Thus, you are sure to eliminate all the residues and degrease your floors.

Associating an old finish to a fresh one? It’s a piece of cake with Age-Tech, specially designed for repairs and floor restoring. How to use it ? Watch our video, you will see all the essential steps for a successful application.

You would like to enhance the beauty of your floor with the Finitec Tonique ? Applicable on almost every finishes, it can be used right away and can be applied very easily. Follow our guide for a perfect application and experts’ advices.

You would like to give a second life to your ceramic floor? Try the Finitec floor cleaner, a green and efficient product that leaves no streak and no residue. Besides, its application is very easy. Discover how to apply it and get some great advices through this video.

How to apply Finitec floor cleaner for your ceramic joints? Find all the answers through this video. Our experts explain all the different application steps for best results. Give their colors back to your ceramic joints.

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