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Top mount

Top mount

  •  Wood air vent
  • Can be used on all floor coverings
  • Can replace any existing metal and plastic vent
  • Aesthetic and robust
  • No rust
  • Adjustable air flow device
  • Unfinished 
  • Many sizes available

Do not forget to buy your Finitec varnish to protect your vent against the various aggressions.

Wood typeDuct openingOverall size Flux d'Air (CFM)Unit weight (lbs)Code
Yellow Birch2 1/4" x 12"3 1/2"x13 1/4"N/A0,45F-123002
Yellow Birch3"x10"4 1/4"x11 1/4"N/A0,50F-123003
Yellow Birch4"x10" 5 1/4"x11 1/4"850,60F-123004
Yellow Birch4"x12"5 1/4"x13 1/4"N/A0,65F-123005
Red oak4"x10"5 1/4"x11 1/4"850,65F-043004
Red oak4"x12"5 1/4"x13 1/4"N/A0,80F-043005
Maple2 1/4" x 12"3 1/2"x13 1/4"N/A0,50F-063002
Maple3"x10"4 1/4"x11 1/4"N/A0,55F-063003
Maple4"x10"5 1/4"x11 1/4"850,65F-063004
Maple4"x12"5 1/4"x13 1/4"N/A0,75F-063005