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Maintenance advices

Maintenance tips & wood floor ennemies

What is the best way to maintain the beauty of my wood floor?

  • Use felt pads
  • Prevent dust and sand accumulation
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly
  • Avoid contact with water
  • Do not use all-purpose cleaners
  • Use rugs in doorways
  • Control humidity and temperature difference
  • Regularly cut the claws of your pets

Wood floor enemies

Wood floors are acknowledged for their beauty and their warm appearance. Usual floor cleaners leave streaks, marks and residue that damage and deteriorate your floor.

Water : an excessive amount of water can infiltrate planks causing the deterioration of the joints and discolouration of the wood.

All-purpose cleaners : contain detergents and leave an oily or soapy film on the floor which attracts dirt and dust.

Vinegar : is an oxidant and alters the finish prematurely.

Wax : oil soaps or waxes leave a greasy and oily film that accumulated on the surface and make it sticky, difficult to maintain and hard to restore.