Company profile

Manufacturer and leader in flooring accessories, Finitec Canada stands out for over 18 years in acoustics, adhesive, finishing, restoration, cleaning and woodvent.

Finitec Canada is continually innovating and developing new technologies that take care of the user's health and the environment.

Its market knowledge combined with high quality products has enabled Finitec Canada to acquire recognition in the industry.

Finitec Canada distributes its products to a broad network of hardware stores, paint stores and wooden flooring specialists. Its distribution network extends across Canada and internationally, from Australia to the United Arab Emirates, where the flooring market tends to grow.

With 40 employees, Finitec Canada is an important employer in the area. Its products are developed and manufactured in Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon. The family business is therefore building on the talents, knowledge and know-how of people in the region.