July 26, 1993

Inauguration of Finitec Canada.

In 1994

Finitec Canada becomes a manufacturing company.

In 1995

Through the creation of a Research and Development Department, Finitec Canada develops its own formulations of water based finishes.

Since 1995

Finitec Canada offers cleaning systems under its trademark as well as private labels.

By 1996

Finitec Canada offers restoration systems under its trademark.

In 2000

The establishment of a laboratory permitted Finitec Canada to develop and add to its line of products a better performing and more innovative finishing systems for wood floors.

Since 2000

Finitec Canada provides systems and acoustical solutions under the brand Acousti-Tech.

In 2007

The President announced that the next generation will affirm its place within the company. It was a positive change that will result in the introduction of new products and projects.

In 2008

Finitec Canada launched its LEAD range of products in acoustics.

In 2008

The 15th anniversary was celebrated.

In early 2010

Raynald Rioux, founder of Finitec Canada officially leaves the decision-making power of the company and Marc Rioux officially becomes CEO.

In 2010

Finitec Canada offers a new range of products: wood vents. The company makes a separate division.

In 2010

Finitec Canada separates the adhesive from its acoustic division to create a distinct division. The company now has 6 divisions.

From left to right : Mr Marc Rioux (CEO), Mr Raynald Rioux (Chairman of the board), Mr André Rioux (Sales and Development VP), Miss Caroline Rioux (Board of Directors), Mrs Chantal Gagné (Finances Manager)