Wood floor finishes

Finitec 3000

Professional wood floor finish

Finitec 6000

Professional wood floor finish

Finitec 9000

Professional wood floor finish

Finitec Synergy

Professional wood floor finish

Finitec Recoater

Professional wood floors finish


Protector for epoxy and floor paint

Finitec floor varnishes are…

Ecological floor varnishes that respect the planet

Finitec is committed to the well-being of our planet. We offer green solutions to our customers which procure professional quality without polluting. All of our varnishes are made from water. They are non-toxic, contain no solvents and have low VOC content. You don't have to choose between product quality and respect of the environment. Finitec gives you both!

Resistant floor varnishes for a lasting result

One of the reasons our flooring varnishes have an excellent reputation in the market is due to the remarkable resistance they give to wooden floor. In fact, our products will not only give all of its shine back, but will also extend its lifespan. Indeed, a well maintained and varnished floor will keep a good appearance for many years.

Easy to use and apply floor varnishes

Finitec floor varnishes are extremely easy to apply. In fact, you can choose to apply it using a roller or using one of our Finitec applicators. Our floor varnishes can also be applied over an old varnish due to its very good adhesion. They are ideal for floor restoration and offer an exceptional finish.