Application guide
Hardwood Floor Finishes


Soak the applicator with finish and apply carefully on the edges of the surface to finish.


Pour a line of finish directly on the floor following the wood boards. The size of the line will get smaller as the surface to cover decreases. Repeat if necessary.


Soak the applicator with finish and and slowly drag the applicator keeping it at a 45° angle to always bring the excess liquid towards the untreated section. The application must be executed in a continuous movement. Do not apply any pressure on the applicator; the movement must be soft and easy. The surface should have a wet look.


At the end of the row, do not raise the applicator and turn it in a half-circle and continue the application going the opposite direction on a distance of approximately 12 inches (30 cm).


Before continuing in the other direction, apply pressure on the applicator to squeeze out liquid and lean the applicator to the wall and execute a fly off motion.


Follow the same procedures for the rest of the surface.


At about 15 to 30 inches (38 to 76 cm) of the wall, turn 90° and apply the finish the opposite way of the wood boards. Bring the finish back towards you while moving to the door.


As you are not following the wood boards anymore, don't forget to smooth out marks and lines. Note: Avoid to retouch a section that started to dry, because it can leave visible marks. Even if you see small streaks or marks on the wet finish, they will disappear during the drying process.


Apply a light pressure on the applicator in order to squize out liquid in excess. Note: if needed, remove the remaining and put it in a container.


End the application in front of the door by smoothing out gently the marks and the lines by doing the fly off movement.