Application guide
for Finitec wood floor finishes

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Step by step procedure in order to properly refinish your floors

We share our best advices in order to help you restore your floor finishes and enhance its shiny brand new look. Follow our step by step application guide!

Step 1: Contouring the room

In order to promote a clean and impeccable application, it is recommended to contour the room, that is to say to start with the edges first. This step is not required, however.

Step 2: Pour the varnish

Next, pour a varnish edge directly on the floor, in the direction of the slats of wood.c

Step 3: Soak the varnish applicator and start the application

The third step is to soak the varnish applicator and pull it slowly towards you, in the direction of the wood slats and at a 45 ° angle to allow the excess Finitec varnish to flow over the non-varnished part. The application is carried out in a continuous movement without exerting pressure. Your surface should have a wet appearance.

Step 4: Change direction

Once the end of the surface is reached, do not lift the varnish applicator, but rather continue the motion in the other direction over a distance of about 12 inches (30 cm).

Step 5: Remove excess liquid before continuing

Once at the end and before continuing in the other direction, apply a slight pressure on the end of the applicator to remove the excess liquid and smooth the streaks by lifting the applicator at the end of the movement.

Step 6: Follow the diagram on the right for a flawless finish

Continue on the entire surface to be covered.

Step 7: Go back towards the door

When you arrive about 15 to 30 inches (38 to 76 cm) from the wall, turn 90 ° and apply the varnish in the opposite direction of the wood slats by bringing the applicator towards you. Then go to the door.

Step 8: Do not forget to smooth out the streaks

Finally, do not forget to smooth out the streaks. However, avoid touching up on a part that has started to dry because the boundaries may remain visible. Even if you notice that there are slight streaks or marks on the wet surface, they will disappear during drying.

Step 9: Remove the excess liquid again

Apply light pressure to the applicator to remove excess fluid.

Step 10: Finish the application

Finish the application and smooth the streaks gently towards the already covered part.

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