Finitec 9000


Water based polyurethane hardwood floor finish

Finitec 9000 is the most resistant of the industry because of its aluminium oxide technology. The unique and innovative formulation of Finitec 9000 exceeds all the technologies of the finishing and restoration market, far ahead competition. It can be used for recoating existent oil or water based finishes.

Supreme resistance for intense residential and high commercial traffic

  • Luster : Semi-gloss - Satin
  • Coverage : 475 sq. ft. (44 m²)
  • Low VOC
  • Drying time :
    • Between coats: 2 to 3 hours
    • Light traffic: 4 hours
    • Replace furniture: 24 hours
    • Replace rugs and carpets: 10 days
    • First cleaning: 10 days
Icon: WaterborneIcon: Can be applied with a Finitec applicatorIcon: Non-toxic and low VOCIcon: Quick drying and odorlessIcon: Can be applied with a T-BarIcon: Technological breakthroughIcon: The most resistant of the industryIcon: Can be applied over an old oil or water based finishIcon: Non-yellowing


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Technical specifications

Size6 in (15 cm)10 in (25 cm)
Product number8681386815

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