Finitec Synergy Water based uralkyd hardwood floor finish


Water based uralkyd hardwood floor finish

Finitec Synergy gives to the floor a rich color that enhances the aspect of wood. Its look reminds us of an oil based finish but offers all the water based finish advantages. Finitec Synergy’s technology gives a superior resistance with a very quick curing time (only 7 days). Synergy is a one-component finish using oxygen as its catalyst. Synergy is ideal for exotic hardwood floors.

Superior resistance for high residential and commercial traffic

  • Luster : Gloss - Semi-gloss - Satin
  • Coverage : 600 sq. ft. (56 m²)
  • Low VOC
  • NMP free (NMP are a type of volatil organic compounds harmful to the health)
  • Drying time :
    • Between coats: 4 to 5 hours
    • Light traffic: 5 hours
    • Replace furniture: 48 hours
    • Replace rugs and carpets: 7 days
    • First cleaning: 7 days
Icon: Can be applied with a Finitec applicatorIcon: Non-toxic and low VOCIcon: UralkydIcon: Can be applied with a 10 mm rollerIcon: Can be applied with a T-BarIcon: Quick curing timeIcon: Can be applied over an old oil or water based finishIcon: Non-yellowing

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