Application guide
for the Finitec Tonic in 2 easy steps!

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Step 1 - Finitec Surface Preparation

  • Vacuum in order to eliminate dust and dirt on the floor.
  • Pour a small quantity of Finitec Surface Preparation on the floor.
  • Spread on a 50 sq. ft. (5 m²) area at a time using the Finitec applicator.
  • Let work for 5 minutes.
  • Wipe out all residues with the Finitec mop or damp cloths and rinse the surface 2 to 3 times with warm water.
  • A second application may be necessary to remove all residues.
Restauration in 2 easy steps

Step 2 - Finitec Tonic

Shake well and wait a few minutes to allow bubbles to break. Proceed first to an adherence and compatibility test on a hidden area.

1 Étape 1 restauration

Soak the applicator with the Finitec Tonic and apply carefully on the edges of the surface to finish.

Note: This step is not mandatory.

2 Étape 2 restauration

Pour a line of Finitec Tonic directly on the floor following wood or laminate planks.

3 Étape 3 restauration

Soak the applicator with the Finitec Tonic and slowly drag the applicator keeping it at a 45° angle to always bring the excess liquid towards the untreated section. Note: the applicator is leaning towards its front part and the back is slightly lifted from the ground during the whole operation. The application must be executed in a continuous movement. Do not apply any pressure on the applicator; the movement must be soft and easy. The surface should have a wet look.

4 Étape 4 restauration

At the end of the row, do not raise the applicator and turn it in a half-circle and continue the application going the opposite direction on a distance of approximately 12 inches (30 cm).

5 Étape 5 restauration

Before continuing in the other direction, apply pressure on the applicator to squeeze out liquid and lean the applicator to the wall and execute a fly off motion.

6 Étape 6 restauration

Follow the same procedures for the rest of the surface.

7 Étape 7 restauration

At about 15 to 30 inches (38 to 76 cm) of the wall, turn 90° and apply the two rows at the same time perpendicular to plank by bringing the liquid back towards you while moving to the door.

8 Étape 8 restauration

As you are not following the wood boards anymore, don't forget to smooth out marks and lines.

Note: Avoid to retouch a section that started to dry, because it can leave visible marks. Even if you see small streaks or marks, they will disappear during the drying process.

9 Étape 9 restauration

Apply a light pressure on the applicator in order to squeeze out the excess of liquid.

Note: if needed, remove the remaining Finitec Tonic and put it in a container.

10 Étape 10 restauration

End the application in front of the door by smoothing out gently the marks and the lines by doing the fly off movement.