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A Garage That You Can Be Proud Of

A Garage That You Can Be Proud Of Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Friday, 10 May 2019

Your garage is, without a doubt, the most versatile room of your home, with the most varied features.

Because your garage serves as a place to park your car, a storage unit, and a crafty construction shop, garage storage and organization often poses a challenge. Some people even push the versatility of their garage to create a reception room with a mini-bar and television.

Of course, we all love that the garage looks clean and modern.

Below, you will find ideas to make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.


When your car is not parked inside the garage, one of the first things that catches the eye is the garage floor.

Two trendy solutions that allow you to easily customize your floor are floor paint and epoxy. These are available in several colors, and allow you to create a unique look.

To ensure the sustainability of your investment, be sure to cover your garage floor with a 100% polyurethane protective coating. This coating is simple to apply, will preserve the floor’s finish, and will make the floor easier to restore when you’re ready for a change. Available in both a glossy and satin finish, you can give your garage floor a personalized touch.


Several practical storage systems allow you to store all your necessary items in the garage. You should choose a versatile system that will adapt to your evolving needs. For example, you can attach panels to scratched walls and insert hooks of different sizes, and use boxes or other storage units to optimize your space. This way, whether for sports, gardening, mechanics, or DIY projects, all your items big and small will be classified in a safe and orderly way.

To facilitate the cleaning of your garage floor, you can attach palruf-style plastic panels on the walls or on the ceiling where no storage is installed. Given their composition, these panels are easy to clean in the event of splashing or heavy damage.


A wooden workbench provides a durable and practical work surface. This noble material offers a warm look that combines well with industrial-style storage accessories. To preserve your workbench, it is important to apply a scratch-resistant varnish. Several water-based varnishes are available in supermarkets. Save money on labor costs by performing this task on your own with a roller brush.

To ensure your comfort and to preserve the items in your garage, you could install a dragon on the ceiling. This installation allows the heating system to avoid weather damage such as splashing. Economical and environmentally friendly, the dragon will reduce your electricity costs by reusing the warm air that collects on the ceiling by pushing it back to earth.

A water inlet is a convenient way to clean your gardening or sports items in the garage. This sink is commonly called a laundry tub.

Garage Doors:

The garage doors make the garage. As each garage is unique, you should find a bespoke door supplier to customize your garage doors with your own design, color, windows, shape, and size.

In any case, whether for protection, aesthetics, or storage, make sure that the products you choose for your garage come from local manufacturers. Look for the Well Made Here pellet that identifies local products in hardware stores. This pellet is a quality and proximity guarantee.

Finally, optimize the storage space in your garage by keeping the space uncluttered. Let your creativity run wild to create the space that best suits you and your needs.