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Can we apply a coating over a paint?

Can we apply a coating over a paint? L'équipe Finitec

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

You have just refurbished your grandmother's antique furniture, or perhaps restored an old hardwood kitchen set with some colored paint to refresh its look. Once completed, you may wonder about applying a finish to protect the project. 

Usually, the answer is yes. There is no problem coating your project with a couple of coats of finish. Not only is it possible, it’s an excellent idea. The finish will protect it from scratches or water, which in turn could cause your paint to delaminate and eventually ruin your hard work.

Before doing so, make sure you follow some basic principles:

1. Not all paints have the same composition. This means that your finish may adhere on some paints, but not to others. To find out if yours will, we recommend to do an adhesion test on a less visible part of your furniture. To do so, clean the surface to eliminate any dirt or grease. Then, lightly sand the surface with a 220-grit sandpaper or any other really fine grit sandpaper. This step is only to maximize the adhesion of the finish to the paint by creating micro scratches. Once sanded, remove the dust with a dry cloth. 

Next, simply follow manufacturer's recommendations for the finish application. 

Once applied and dried, you can scratch the area with your nail to see if the finish adheres well to the paint. If there is no damage, you may follow the same steps on your entire project.

2. To avoid marks and bubbles in the finish, apply the finish generously so that the surface looks wet until completely dry. To ensure it is applied with enough finish, use a new applicator and apply at a 45-degree angle. Do not rush the drying time between coats.

3. To avoid premature wear of your furniture or floor, use a neutral pH cleaner, such as the one as offered by Finitec.

4. Use felt protectors under furniture or decorations to protect your furniture’s finish. 

Lastly, there are also 2 in 1 finish and paint products available. We typically recommend two coats of the 2 in 1 finish, as well as an additional coat of finish to protect the paint’s pigment. 

If you have any more questions regarding your project, please contact our experts at 888-838-4449 or at service@finitec-inc.com