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From the factory directly to your house: digital switchover

From the factory directly to your house: digital switchover Alexandra Coulombe

Thursday, 01 June 2017

While the digital world is in full flow, Finitec joins the path in giving the accessibility of their whole product line online, directly to the customers. In the comfort of their residence, they can order floor and furniture waterborne finishes, stains, accessories etc. that will be delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Powered by passion and innovation, Finitec is a Canadian family run business that is working in the floor solutions industry. The factory, located on the south shore of Quebec City for 25 years, offers a wide selection of finishing, restoration and cleaning products for wooden floors. They all meet the highest industry standards. Moreover, the customer service is dedicated to giving answers to all questions from customers in order to optimize their experience.

All of the products they are offering are eco-friendly and non-toxic as they are waterborne formulated. Made in a laboratory using the latest technology, Finitec only uses high-quality components. Health often being in the center of the family concerns, these products can be used without any doubt for kids, animals or plants in every residence. 

Floor restoration is now within reach for anyone who wishes to do it. Finitec offers a complete restoration system that is easy-to-use. Requiring minimum sanding, Finitec finishes represent a solution that is simple, ideal and durable. They can be applied to any type of wood finish. Following the DIY trend, customers appreciate the ease of application of Finitec products and especially, the economy they are getting out of it.

The entire Finitec's cleaning line is designed to do the maintenance of wood, laminate or ceramic floorings. They don't need any rinsing and leave no streak or residue on the floor surface. With frosty flowers, wild mint, frosty lemon, and floral breeze scents, the only thing remaining on the floors afterward, will be a fresh smell and more importantly, cleanliness that will not alter the floors shine.

Mutual support and family spirit are values that are in the center of Finitec's concerns. That's why the acquisition and installation process of their products are being simplified as much as possible. Buying local products supports people from here. Learn more.