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Help your community, buy local

Help your community, buy local Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Despite the current trend to purchase locally, as of now, no action has been taken in the hardware and building materials sector to encourage this move. Since last November, a new organization has emerged to fill this need.

Well Made Here is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the local purchase of local hardware articles and building materials made in Canada. The program includes responsible consumption on 5 levels. For the customer, it’s a matter of guiding them to find quality products made locally. For contractors, they will be able to enrich their services. For merchants and banners, this program allows them to position themselves as a destination of choice for customers looking for local products and to associate their image with a growing movement. Finally, for the manufacturer, Well Done Here allows them to stand out by offering added value.

Responsible consumption is a growing trend in recent years. Whether on a provincial, national or international level, consumers are aware of the impact of their consumption habits. These concerns can be ecological, social or economic.

At the economic level, encouraging local buying promotes job creation and wealth within a community. These citizens will reinvest their earnings locally, which will create turnover and direct economic growth.

From an ecological point of view, the local purchase ensures the consumer a certain respect for the ecology according to the standards established within the territory. For example, in Quebec, manufacturing standards for the majority of products are regulated and monitored. Whether it is a restriction on the use of chemicals in manufacturing, a regulation on disposal of hazardous material or rules on packaging, these measures help the proper functioning of the ecology. Also, think at the thousands of kilometers of transportation saved when you buy a local product. Here again, a small ecological habit to preserve the planet.

Finally, the social benefits of buying locally are also significant. Favoring the creation of employment, the local purchase improves from the outset the welfare of the population providing the inhabitants a superior quality life. In addition, some local buy-in programs provide assistance for the reintegration of certain groups of people to work, giving them the chance to get a job and earn an income.

Several organizations have started promoting local purchase. We are thinking here, among others, of Aliments du Québec, a movement that is now enjoying a good reputation in Quebec. The goal is to encourage consumers to buy food produced or processed in Quebec.

It is with the help of logos and visual branding that the consumer can easily identify the locally made product.

In short, whether for your food, construction, renovation or any other consumer product, be on the lookout for logos and visual cues that will allow you to make responsible purchases with a direct impact on your environment.