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How to properly maintain your floor

How to properly maintain your floor Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Friday, 05 March 2021

Whether you have residential, commercial or sport floor, good maintenance will always reflect the lifetime of your floor.  

If you’ve ever spent the time restoring your floor, than you know, to shorten its lifespan would be non-sense. If a floors maintenance is neglected for years, or worse, uses harsh chemical products that damaged the finish, that will certainly be the result. Frustrating? We think so.   

This is exactly why it is so important to perform the correct and consistent floor maintenance. Proper floor maintenance can extend the floor’s lifetime of many years. Here are a few tips from our experts: 

First, prevention is better than cure. Adequate floor protection will prevent wear and tear and even ease the maintenance process. A great source of protection is adding carpets to the entrance of the rooms, especially the ones that lead outdoors. To keep scratches and marks to a minimum, adding adhesive felts under furniture legs and regularly sweeping the floor to remove particles that may scratch the floor will significantly reduce wear.   

Preventing the noticeable wear is a great start, but you still need to think of cleaning it on a regular basis. But what is a regular basis?  

Sweeping should happen daily.  

Depending on the traffic in the room do a weekly cleaning with a specialized cleaner.  

Once a year, consider a deep clean with a degreaser to remove the encrusted dirt.  

We realize there is a lot out there in terms of cleaning products and confusing directions.  

Here is a list of qualities to consider in your cleaning products.  

For the weekly cleaner, we want it to be:   

  • Non-toxic, phosphate-free and without dye to preserve everyone’s health.  
  • Neutral pH to avoid the finish worn.  
  • Non-slip to avoid injuries ??.  
  • No trace or residue for a sparkling result.  
  • No rinsing necessary, in order to save you time.   
  • Adapted to your flooring.  
  • And ideally, made in Quebec ??.  

About the yearly degresant, here is what you have to look for:  

  • Low VOC.  
  • An odorless and non-toxic cleaner.  
  • Simple and ready-to-use.  
  • Efficient.  
  • A product that acts quickly. Ideally in 5 minutes or less.  
  • And of course, locally manufactured ??.  

Voilà! If you want to learn more on the maintenance steps, download our guide here: https://web.finitecexpert.com/Maintenance guide/

Hoping that this article helped to demystify any floor maintenance.  

For any further question or information, feel free to contact our customer service at 888-838-4449 or at service@finitec-inc.com.