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New! Online Store

New! Online Store Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Monday, 22 June 2020

The Finitec Group would like to extend a hand, as well as applaud all you hardworking professionals in the hardwood flooring industry.                                   

COVID-19 has presented many challenges that have required you to adapt. Who would ever have thought that we would wear masks not to control the amount of dust we are ingesting, but to protect ourselves from contracting the virus.

How will we rise above these difficult moments, whatever they may be? It is these challenging times that provide an opportunity to support each other. Do you think our industry will return to business as “normal”or will we evolve and learn new, possibly better ways to accomplish tasks?

We are convinced that evolving will make us stronger and more productive.

How can the Finitec Group help you to not only survive the changing circumstances of our work situation, but evolve into a more efficient team?

What is your most valuable asset? Likely your time. Your full potential is sometimes limited just because you lack sufficient time. We hope to help you with that. We realize that time lost running to distributors, is time that could be spent more productively.

It is with great pleasure that we proudly offer our new online store. No longer will you have to plan a part of your day to run around sourcing material.

Simply log on to gofinitec.com and create an account.

The price displayed on the page is our retail price.  Your profile will be reviewed by one of our team and a price structure specifically suited to your needs will be created.

To create an account you need to click on the ‘’Create an account’’ link at the top center of the page. When creating your account, add your profession for example ‘’sander’’ after your company name so we can identify your line of expertise.

When you have submitted your account, you will receive an email confirmation and your adjusted price structure will be added to our system. Now you can place your order.

 And your order will be delivered to your door.

We will continue to provide the same excellent product with the expertise you have come to expect.

This is just the start to finding new innovative ways to support you.

Please be assured that the Finitec Group appreciates the sacrifices you have made and continue to make as we rebuild the industry that we are proud of together.

Visit our online store