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Sanding, no thanks

Sanding, no thanks Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Wednesday, 05 December 2018

When you floor has lost its luster, you quickly get discouraged. Then, are coming the negative thoughts: Oh no, I will have to sand the whole floor and start over. This will take forever. I will have to move my family out for few days? Where can I find a professional? I heard that it was complicated and that the sanding machine may ruin my floor.

So, just thinking of refinishing your floor makes you have nightmares.

In certain cases that’s true, you will have to sand to bare wood and start over.

As example, if your floor is too damaged, if the scratches are deep or if the finish is gone in certain places, you will have to redo the entire job. Also, if you chose a finish that is not compatible with the previous one, or if you ignore what has been applied in the past, it is recommended to sand to bare wood before the new installation.

Otherwise, you can forget the expensive rental of the hard to work with sanding machine that you only find in specific rental locations.

There are on the market a variety of waterborne finishes, non-toxic and who may be applied on any other finished already in place. This means that you don’t need to sand to bare wood.

The only recommendation, in this case, is to unpolish the actual surface to maximise the new product adhesion.

But, to unpolish, what are your options?

You may buy a lot of sanding paper, get a pair of knees protector and prepare a whole lot of patience to sand the floor on your knees. Hoping that your back will hold until the end.

Or, you may rent a small machine available in many hardware stores that will help you realize your project in a simple, efficient and ache free way.

In any case, it is essential to un polish the surface, no matter what brand of type of finish you are choosing.

So, am I as well choosing a tool that will help you achieve you project easily and efficiency. That where I introduce you Finitec’s floor sanding machine.

Look at the installation video and see at what point it is easy to restore your floor.

You may find this jewel in most of hardware stores. Simply ask a clerk at the paint department and he will be able to help you.

Have good renos.