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Selecting the proper sport floor

Selecting the proper sport floor Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

There are many variables to take into consideration when choosing the right floor for your gym. Since this is a major investment we wanted to provide some details that can help ensure that you are choosing the right sports floor to address your specific needs. 

Questions like what are your general requirements, comfort, soundproofing, security, thermal insulation, versatility, lifespan and ecology need to be answered.   

Here are the different options offered and the details of each one.

1. Determine the type of floor

 Point elasticitySpecific elasticityCombined elasticity
Under the charge of an athleteDeformation of the floor limited to the surface of the shoe soleDeformation of the floor in the form of a deflection coneDeformation in a specific point and in surface
Thickness3 à 18 mm22 à 90 mm22 à 90 mm
Ideal zoneMultisports
School Sport Room
Basketball courtMultisport

2. Determine the flooring

VersatilityChoice of colorsEco-friendlyNoble
Soft floor with no jointsGreat surface flexibilityEconomicMay be sanded
Cast-in-place flooringSurface homogeneityAntibacterialSlipping
Easy to repair and maintainEco-friendly Polyvalence of use
 Easy to maintain Easy to maintain
Must be protected when other usesMust be protected when other usesMust be protected when other usesLow acoustical properties
Constance of the performancesRepair always visibleRepair always visibleIntolrance to water
 Welding seamsWelding seamsHardness
  Strong smellMore expensive

3. Quality of the support

Once all the important decisions above are made we need to ensure that room temperatures , humidity of the room and moisture levels of the concrete  meet the standards necessary to ensure sucess. 

4. Maintenance

Feel free to  refer to the article ‘’5 essential steps for maintaining your sports floor’’ published on our blog.

5. Repairs

Resurface areas that are showing wear to maintain your gym floors natural beauty

Hoping that our article helped you in your flooring selection.

Have a great project!