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Something New from something Old. Can modern trends benefit You?

Something New from something Old. Can modern trends benefit You? Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Tuesday, 05 November 2019

I have just come home from my neighbour’s house and I have fallen in love with their new hardwood floors. Have you had a similar experience?  Are your hardwood floors lacking that modern appeal?          

Is there anything that could be done to give my floor that WOW effect?

Every homeowner should stay on top of trends in wood flooring and hardwood floor refinishing, as your home's floors highlight all the unique features that make your home special to you. And you don’t mind showing it off.

Today's trends in hardwood floor refinishing include choosing environmentally friendly finishes.  Are you familiar with the term LOW V.O.C.?  VO WHAT?

V.O.C stands for Volatile organic compounds. VOCs can be emitted into indoor air from many sources including: paint, glues, varnish, flooring materials, etc.

Let’s begin our transformation by choosing a Low VOC finish that won’t harmfully effect your family’s health.

Now let’s talk sheen. The sheen measures how shiny or glossy your floors finish is. It is determined by how much light is reflected off the floor from a 60 degree angle. Different hardwood species will produce different sheen levels. In todays’ flooring industry satin (25% sheen) and matte (5% sheen) finishes are dominating.

Interesting fact: Floors that have a satin sheen hide imperfections better than other sheens. Why? Liquids like water, juice, dog drool, dry to a satin sheen. And I am sure your home like mine gets plenty of those.  

Knowing this, why wouldn’t everyone choose a satin sheen for their floor?

What do you love about your hardwood? Does the patterns in the grain appeal to you?

If so you will appreciate the effect mate finish has on your floor. With less light reflecting on your floor the patina and grain characteristics become more visible. You may even enjoy cleaning your floor more often.

What results by choosing modern flooring trends?

Your neighbours will love the new look of your floors. Congratulations.