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The most common mistake people make with epoxy

The most common mistake people make with epoxy Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Thursday, 01 November 2018

One of the trendiest materials used in home design is epoxy. Applied on garage or basement floors, countertops or tables, epoxy is used to protect surfaces as well as a design element. But did you know that even if this material is hard, thick, and resistant, it still needs to be protected?

Yes, this coating is hard. Yes, it is now applied to pretty much any surface from the concrete garage floor to the design wooden table passing by the melamine countertop that needs to be revamped. Always with a glossy finish, it can be clear or coloured. However, epoxy also has its downsides. It is expensive, complicated to work with, leaves a strong smell in the room, and is definitely not 100% safe from scratches and grooves.

Whether you like your epoxy clear or with a special colored effect, you need to preserve it from scratches.

If you don’t do so, mostly for garage floors or colored epoxy surfaces where the pigment may be affected, you will see scratches at a breakneck speed. From there, the only option you have is to redo the entire project. Knowing the downsides to epoxy as mentioned above, you definitely want to avoid this option.

As of now, no solution exists on the market to protect epoxy. This situation is now a thing of the past with the Finitec SOLIDEX.

This 100% polyurethane waterborne coating is easy to work with, has minimal odor, and can be applied with a roller. More economical than epoxy, you can achieve your project yourself in the same day.

Really, it would be a mistake not to take the time to invest in protecting your epoxy knowing that this solution is so simple and efficient.

Your epoxy is already full of scratches? No problem. Finitec SOLIDEX can also easily restore your surface. Follow the instruction and make your epoxy shine like new.