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You need to read it

You need to read it Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Tuesday, 02 July 2019

DIY projects are getting trendy among end users and several products are available on the market to support your creativity. Each product presents its own particularities, and the results can be disappointing if we are not using it in an adequate way. However, all the required information and recommendations by the manufacturer is, most of the time, written on the label.

Let’s use the waterborne stain as an example. I needed to stain a piece of wood furniture that I made myself.

Here is a bit of my experience:

First, I decided to work with the Artic waterborne stain from Finitec to color my furniture.

After a quick read of the label, I understood that I had gone about my project’s planning incorrectly.

First, I thought of starting the application right when I got home from work. 1st strike. I had to start with the surface preparation to make sure the coloration and adherence would be optimal.

After, I had in mind to apply 2 coats of stain if the color was not dark enough. 2nd strike. Applying two coats of waterborne stain increases the risk of creating overlaps. The ideal scenario is to test out the product on a small surface to evaluate the results. If you need to adjust your tone, you can do so by choosing a darker stain.

What we can do to maximize the stain absorption by the wood and increase the coloration is to wet it before the application or to leave the stain longer before wiping off the excess.

Wiping the excess. Here is another step that I haven’t thought of. We are used to working with paint. Regular paint doesn’t require this step. However, to maximize the adherence of the finish on the stain, the over must be wiped down with a cloth.

Also, I estimated the drying time at 3 hours. However, as I chose the Artic color (with white tones), I needed to wait for 6 hours.

Finally, I noticed that I needed to get a bucket filled with water to soak the clothes before throwing them away.

In brief, these are small details that seem insignificant but may impact the success of your project. So, whether it is for stain, finish or any other project, invest a few minutes in reading the label to fully understand the application method and manufacturer’s recommendations about the products you are using.