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How to choose the right varnish?

How to choose the right varnish? Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Many different varnishes are available on the market. Finitec also offers a waterborne varnishes line including an interesting selection. Each varnish has its own characteristics and is suitable for specific uses. That’s why today we’ll present the different particularities of each one.

First of all, you need to know that Finitec has 6 different varnishes: The Recoater, 3000, 6000, 9000 and the Tonic

We will describe below each varnish sorted by resistance to abrasion.

The Tonic is a particular product itself. It’s a product that does not require any sanding. With a lower resistance to abrasion compared to the other products of the line, it is the ideal solution to quickly renew your floor looking. This economic solution may be perfect for home staging or if you are a tenant and would like to improve your decor inexpensively. What is interesting with the Tonic is that it may be applied on laminate floors to restore them effectively.

The Finitec RECOATER is without a doubt, the most popular finish of the line. Affordable, it offers a better abrasion resistance to any varnish usually found in stores. Without a doubt, this is the best value for your money on the market. Available in most of the major large hardware stores, its orange container is easy to find on the shelves.

Then comes the Finitec 3000. Even if it may be applied in any room, it is an excellent choice for bedrooms.

The Finitec 6000 is the most polyvalent of its category. A perfect balance between the resistance to abrasion and value for money. If you would like to refinish your stairs, the Finitec 6000 is the ideal choice. Offering a great resistance, it will not be slippery during the maturation process.

The Finitec SYNERGY offers the same resistance to abrasion than the Finitec 6000. Its main characteristic is that it reproduces the aspect of the oil varnish. So, depending the desires finish, you have the choice between the Finitec 6000 and Finitec SYNERGY.

Finally, the finish offering the highest resistance to abrasion of all Finitec’s line is the Finitec 9000. Perfect for a dense traffic, its composition combined with aluminum oxide defines it as a commercial grade finish. If you have pets, kids or if your floors is exposed to arid conditions from the outside (sand, rock, mud, etc.), the Finitec 9000 is the ideal solution for your floor.

No matter your choice, Finitec products are available in 3.64L and 1L. You also need to keep in mind that all Finitec varnishes cover 25% more than other varnishes on the market, which it may be applied with a roller and adheres to any type of varnish already in place.

Another product offered by Finitec that is not a varnish but is inseparable from the varnishes line is the Surface Preparation. This product is a deep cleaner very efficient to prepare the surface to finish.

Did you know that no matter the Finitec finish used, it is not mandatory to sand to bare wood? Finitec offer at most of their retailers a small sanding machine to unpolish your floor and improve the varnish adherence. This machine is simple and easy to use and make no to low dust compared to an industrial machine.

Hoping this article will help you doing the right choice.