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Is it possible to restore a vinyl floor?

Is it possible to restore a vinyl floor? Stéphanie Landry Poirier

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Synthetic flooring has become trendy. Understandably so, thanks to its versatility. It is present in gymnasiums, community halls and in homes for the elderly. Even though vinyl flooring is incredibly durable, it is not everlasting.

That begs the question, can a vinyl floor with visible signs of wear, be restored? Yes, in fact, with a really simple process. But first, here are 3 reasons why you would restore a vinyl floor as oppose to ripping it off.

  1. Eco-friendly. Following the 3R’s, reduce, recycle and reuse. To restore a synthetic material, we can reduce by negating the purchase of new flooring. Reuse, by optimizing the use of your actual investment by extending its lifespan.
  2. Affordable. I know very few people who like to throw their money through the window. Did you know that restoring a vinyl (synthetic) floor costs 6 times less than changing it? Think about this before you pull it all out.
  3. Fast. If you decide to entirely change the flooring, you need at least a week before being able to enter back into the room. It’s a considerable delay, especially if you consider profit loss if it interferes with business. On the other hand, floor restoration, can be achieved in two days. Therefore, the effect on your usual activities is significantly less.

Not yet convinced? Did you know that the process can be done in 3 simple steps? Degrease, clean and protect. The products used are non-toxic and efficient on top of being made in Canada.

You only have to clean the surface with a deep cleaning degreaser, pick up the dirt and apply two coats of the Proflex sealing protection from Finitec made for synthetic floors. Once the work is completed and the sealer has dried, the maintenance of your floor will be easier.

With three to four hours of waiting between the coats, your project will be done the same day. On the market, you will find many different kinds of synthetic floors. Make sure to test the adherence and the compatibility on a small section before starting your entire project.

Voilà! An eco-friendly, affordable and quick solution to extend your vinyl or synthetic floors’ lifespan.

Here is a video of a synthetic floor restored in a gymnasium.