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  1. Can I use FINITEC cleaners on all types of floors?

    FINITEC cleaners are specially formulated for all types of floors (wood, laminate, ceramic). Never use FINITEC cleaners on oiled or waxed surfaces. If in doubt, proceed to a test on an inconspicuous area of the floor. For more details, refer to the label of the product.

  2. What are the advantages of using a microfiber cover?

    Microfiber is an extremely small synthetic textile fiber (100x smaller than a hair) that has unmatched resistance and scouring capacity. In addition, the microfibers create an electrostatic effect, allowing the cover to catch and trap the dirt instead of moving it.

  3. On what surfaces can I use FINITEC mops and mop covers?

    FINITEC mops and mop covers can be used on all floor types. You must use a clean mop cover and the appropriate FINITEC cleaner when you change from one floor to another. You can also use them on the walls and to remove dust around the house.

  4. How do I clean my floor to leave no traces?

    The FINITEC cleaners leave no traces or residue when the sufficient quantity is used. However, several factors like the cleanliness of the mop cover and the floor may affect the effectiveness of the cleaner. The mop cover should be washed before its first use. Never use fabric softener. The fabric softener leaves greasy residue on the mop cover that marks the floor. Always use a clean mop cover. The mop cover must be changed every 250 to 300 square feet or when it is saturated with dirt or cleaner. All-purpose cleaners leave residue that must be removed in order to clean properly. Use FINITEC Surface preparation (do not use on ceramic and natural stone) to remove oily residues left by these cleaners and then use FINITEC cleaners. For more details, please refer to the “Maintenance Tips” page.

  5. My floor is sticky even after using your Finitec cleaner. What can I do to resolve this situation?

    We invite you to make a deep cleaning with our Surface Preparation. This product is designed to remove all traces of residues, grease or contaminants that have settled over time. It is advisable to use this product once or twice a year. For your daily cleaning, use our Finitec cleaners.

  6. How many times a year do I have to use FINITEC cleaners to ensure a proper cleaning of my floor?

    Because FINITEC cleaners do not leave any marks or residue, you can clean your floor whenever you need to. Be sure to have some spare mop covers and always use a clean mop cover to clean your floor properly.

  7. Why is an all-purpose cleaner not recommended for a wood floor?

    Some all-purpose cleaners leave greasy marks and residues on the floor which catch dirt and may affect the finish of the floor. Finitec cleaners are specially made to leave no marks, no residue and will not spoil the luster of your finished floor or your laminate floor.

  8. Are your cleaners harmful for kids, pets or the environment?

    No. FINITEC cleaners are biodegradable and phosphate-free so they are harmless for yourself, your family members and the environment.

  9. Can I use the FINITEC ceramic cleaner on my natural stone floor?

    Yes. The FINITEC ceramic cleaner is specially made for sealed surfaces like granite, slate, marble and natural stone.

  10. How do I use the Finitec cleaner for ceramic joints?

    Here is a quick video how to use it: https://youtu.be/KUQ-nIZrgI4

  11. Are the containers used by Finitec recyclable?

    Yes, the containers are recyclable. Finitec Canada cares about the environment and strongly recommends you to recycle. Place containers in areas designated for that purpose.

  12. Where can I find FINITEC products?

    They are available across Canada. Please consult our “List of retailers” to find your nearest retailer or call our customer service