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  1. What are the wood species available?

    The following species are available:

  2. Do you make custom woodvents?


  3. Is there a minimum purchase quantity for wood vents?

    No, you can order the number of ventilation grids that meet your needs. The minimum order of $ 100 is not applicable when ordering ventilation grids
    You can get them on the online store https://gofinitec.com/en/flush-mount

  4. What is the delivery time for Finitec wood vents?

    Delivery is within 72 hours for regular products according to availability. For special orders, the delay is 10 to 14 days.

  5. Will the finish on prefinished wood vents withstand the heat generated by my heating system?

    Finitec varnish applied to the grids will withstand the heat generated by the grid. If the prefinished wood vent is varnish with another type of finish, ask the manufacturer of the varnish used.

  6. Will the wood vents change color over time?

    The finish color will not change over time. However, some wood species can change color as they age. This feature also applies to your wood floor.

  7. Why the airflow space is designed in angle instead of straight up?

    The wood vent is designed to direct the air in the room and not to the ceiling. This feature allows you to heat the room more efficiently than when the airflow is directed straight up.

  8. What is the airflow capacity of Finitec wood vents?

    85 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)

  9. Where can I find Finitec products?

    They are available across Canada. See our "Where To Buy"tool for the nearest retailer. You can also purchase them from our online store at https://gofinitec.com/en. For more details, please contact customer service.